Insurance is ripe for disruption – are you ready

First to market with dedicated cloud-based platform to run an entire Broker / Underwriter’s IT on

Worked with another business to develop the first CRM specifically for the insurance industry.

Over the past decade, working within the insurance industry, we have watched the technology evolving slower than other industries.

For Insurance Brokers & Underwriting Agencies today, it is more important than ever to carve out a differentiator, or a niche to be successful in.

InsureTech Connect has been developed for the Insurance Brokers and Underwriting Agencies that are wanting to take their business to the next level with increased new business growth and increased efficiencies through automation.

FocusNet Technology has been providing qualitative and quantitative technology solutions to the insurance industry for over a decade.

And now we have created InsureTech Connect. A tool that connects all your business technology. So that brokers and underwriters can have the same digital and technology capabilities as the major insurers.

Enabling you to quote, bind, and renew digitally. A whole new sales channel.

Driving efficiency and productivity through your business.

Our People

My love of IT started as an eight-year-old helping dad build computers for his customers. I was hooked. Along the way I know I wanted to run my own business, helping other business owners make the most of technology. Stop IT from being a problem and helping IT deliver real business benefits.

After all that’s the purpose of technology – to make things more efficient, simpler, easier, faster.

Andrew Barbara
CTO insure Tech Connect

In the end it was a choice between rugby and IT. Technology won. Its such a dynamic world and even fundamental issue like networks have change dramatically as the internet of things has blown open a whole digital interconnected world.

I love using IT to help people solve real problems, so they can get on with doing their thing.

Johnathon Brandis
Technical Sales Manager Insure Tech Connect

Upgrade your broking or underwriting business to version 2.0

  Grow your sales, online

  Automates schemes

  Save time connecting the dots of your insurance technology